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For us Quality is a single but decidedly multi-disciplinary concept. It begins in the field and arrives at the table

Above all though, the quality of great extra virgin olive oils lies in that subtle link which unites the organoleptic quality (aroma and taste) with the quality in terms of health and nutrition. In brief, good quality extra virgin olive oils are good for your health, but excellent ones can truly be considered health-promoting agents for body and spirit.
Here is why:

  • Quality – How? Only through particular care of the trees and fruits and the use of avant-garde, non-invasive extraction methods. In this way the expert producer can extract by natural, mechanical means all the taste and health-promoting characteristics which are unique to olives and are not found in other fruits.

  • Quality – Where? It has been demonstrated that all the sensorial and nutritional goodness of a high quality extra virgin olive oil is found in the 2% composed of over 200 naturally occurring antioxidant chemical compounds. These are present in appreciable quantities (over 300 mg/l) only in SUPERIOR QUALITY products.

  • Quality – Why? Because all of those compounds that represent the real 'plus' point of quality extra virgin olive oil can store energy from the sun in such a way as to render them biologically active. This is to say that they can help to protect our bodies against ageing, cancer, cardiovascular diseases (by reducing 'bad' cholesterol) and liver, stomach and intestinal problems.

  • Quality – When? Always. Especially at the table, when we do not wish to talk about illnesses but rather to enjoy taste experiences, aware nonetheless that the BITTERNESS and TANG mean polyphenols (antioxidants) and therefore health. And if the tasting takes care of the body, the aroma is therapeutic for the spirit, helping us to fully enjoy the whole experience of healthy, tasty eating.
    Ours is therefore a 'holistic' product, for the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and in a holistic way it provides for both health and taste requirements.

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